Tuesday, 29 October 2013


So this past Saturday was the best ever for me, from attending a fashion show to a beer festival later on that night….what more could I ask for, too much fun I had and I’m happy. I got an invite to attend the fashion show through my college lecture, “Thank You Bruno”……I was excited when he told me….i had a few friends to go with however it was such a short notice that most of them could not come with and lucky me I had no plans for the day except for the night lol anyways I went to the show with my little sister. We arrived late and only saw the last designers couldn’t even take pics that’s how late and un-organised I was *rollseyes* but fact remains I was there. With that being said here are a few pics I got compliments to  http://accordingtojerri.blogspot.com he took very cool up close pictures. Enjoy!!

P.S: All Photo credit to Jerri Mokgofe of  http://accordingtojerri.blogspot.com

Alexa Liss

The designer: Alexa Liss


                                         Akedo by Eleni Lanbrou


The designer: Eleni Lanbrou

                                                    Hugo Flear


The designer: Hug Flear

Friday, 25 October 2013

Trend Alert: Circle Skirts

 I am in love with these midi circle skirts, i mean they are so elegent and just pure gorgeousness, any season these skirts can adapt to it. We all know they have been around since back in the 50ties...our mothers wore these before us and even back then these skirts were considered to be elegent & classy. The trend has also been seen on the runway too.... Are you into skirts, would you rock this lovely fashion trend!? Let me know......a lovely weekend to you all my lovely fashionistas mwaah.



Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Jersey Number 68

Hey fellow fashionistas remember I said new post coming soon!? Well I meant today hahahaha J here’s my best shot at the sports luxe look, yall be the judges tell me how did I do lol
 Thumbs UP or Thumbs Down for this look.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Trend Alert: Sports Luxe

Hey guys, hope yall good, apologies for the lack of outfit posts i know how sucking it is to view your favourite fashion blog only to find out there are no new posts......do forgive me yeah lol do expect an outfit post soon. It’s raining now i like it though its calming the sun and clearing all the pollen causing allergies to us and our lil ones. I do follow trends however I’m not always on point with them or manage to get trendy items on time due to strict budget lol  but fact is I do end up getting em lol that’s what counts right "hahahahah"... What is Sport Luxe, for those of you who don’t know yet this is a trend where women feminise sportswear, what do I mean by that!?! Well let me break it down…… sports luxe is a collab of sport wear clothes, e.g your sport track pants, shorts, dresses, sneakers, tanks, sweaters, caps to name a few, now you can use any of your sportswear items and pair it with your heels, tailored blazers, Pencil skirts, clutch bags, crop tops, fur coats for some etc and throw in a bit of accessories then wala u have your sport luxe outfit (that’s how you create a sports luxe look according to me, remember it’s my opinion ok so don’t judge coz you have your too)
 So i decided to get a lil creative and compile this lil collage here, my next outfit idea will definitely come from this so stay tuned.

Much Love & Thank You

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fresh Mint

Mint always makes me feel fresh, I mean everything that has a mint flavour it’s just toooo fresh.  And that’s  exactly how I felt today with this outfit……Minty Fresh…..i didn’t want to over accessorise the look hence I didn’t throw in a bag, it could have worked thou a little clutch bag would have been nice. I love this shirt so much, mint is such a neutral colour it also goes well with a lot of other colours too, I’ve paired it with couple of my other pants and skirts, it still remain as fresh and lovely. Well with that said tomorrow is Friday and I am looking forward to the weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend!?


Monday, 14 October 2013

Casual Peplum...

Pheeewu its Monday again…………….im not happy about that lol. Anyhu this is what I wore this weekend it was very hot and I needed to wear something light and fresh, I know its unusual to pair up this kind of dress with sneakers and I was really taking a risk doing it but that’s what fashion is about right, taking risks and setting your own bar…….I can quite say it’s not so bad at all, thing is I really wanted to wear this dress but I did not want to pair them with heels like everyone else normally do, it’s a weekend after all and you just wana lay back and relax. In saying that I hope you had a good weekend my fashionistas.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Shades of NUDE/GOLD & Metalics

Happy Friday yall, it’s the weekend babyyyyyy!! and the Rihanna fever has hit South Africa, as Riri has officially touched down in the motherland aka “Mzansi” (hope she knows how to say that word lol), she will be performing in Cape Town and Johannesburg….sorry Durban lol. Now back to the post when choosing this outfit I was in such a good mood and feeling very classy hahaha. White pants are just so versatile hey I mean you can wear them with anything and they will make your outfit to look super clean and just flawless, I decided to do a little matchy matchy pairing the white pants with everything Nude/Gold, I haven’t worn this Gold metallic peplum in a long time and it felt very new when I wore it here “love it” …..On that note to those who are going to see Rihanna enjoy and have a blast and for everyone else have a fabulous weekend yeah.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Monochrome ish....

Summer loving, oh gosh I love this weather, although it gets extremely hot still I’d rather have the sun than the cold. Nothing inspired this outfit really it was just one of those “how do I feel today” kinda thing when I woke up and well this how I felt “monochromic” as they call it these days lol. I love this tank top, it’s such a light material and you can feel all the fresh air breezing through your skin the skirt is old have had it for a long time but it still looks as good. Happy Summer South Africa!!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

H2O Experience

Hi guys, apologies for my absence from the blog, a lot has been happening from me getting sick and hospitalised to running out of time for submitting my school project….. just so much drama however all is sorted now I am well and healthy,  back on track and as for my school project I got an extension and submitted it. I was looking forward to spring and unfortunately I didn’t even enjoy the first month of spring L (September) anyways enough excuses, so last weekend my sister decided to cheer me up and got me to go to one of the coolest spring music festivals in Johannesburg, The H2O Africa experience, they were turning 15 so they totally went big with 10 stages incl hip hop/trance/house etc it was epic and the weather was beautiful as well. Being in the MTV Base VIP guest list we got to drink and eat for free which was the best part hahahaha, danced our asses off the whole night… I literally got a work out from it, next morning I could hardly walk, never danced so much in a long time lol. It was worth it thou and so much fun I really enjoyed. Here are a few pics for you guys J Enjoy!!


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