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DYI Vintage Boots with studs Tutorial

So this weekend i had no plans, nowhere to go and i decided to do a dyi on these really old boots of mine. Now i have had these boots for about 4 to 5 years now and seeing  that they are not real leather material they were starting to peel off so after seeing this cool idea on some chicks blog i totally forgot the name sorry anyways i decided to revamp my oldies, i was not sure how it was gona turn out to be and i was very close to throwing these boots away. . Anyways heres the turtorial ENJOY!!

This is how they looked like before.

As you can see on this pic the peeling off on the top there.

And here we have everything i used to revamp the oldies, not too much right.

 1. Some silver studs 2. Dark Brown permanent paint for shoes
 3. Glue (i used about 3 of these)  4. Green Highlighter (i didn't have a black one lol) 5. Some scissors

The paint (close up)



 I drew a line to mark where i wanted to cut the boots from to get my desired ankle boot size.

The boot after being  perfectly cut

 Painted the first boot ( make sure you cover your hands in plastic gloves as the paint can damage your skin ) as you can see there's a painted one and the not yet painted one

Now both boots are painted and getting dried up.

After they both dried i then started to
put on some studs (also be careful with the glue as it can stick on your skin)

And here all is done, I still need to take them to the shoe repairs to add some rubber sole as per the line
(excuse my crooked line lol)

 I also need them to fix the top and make it look neat.

 Anyways here is the final look for now :-)


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