Tuesday, 29 October 2013


So this past Saturday was the best ever for me, from attending a fashion show to a beer festival later on that night….what more could I ask for, too much fun I had and I’m happy. I got an invite to attend the fashion show through my college lecture, “Thank You Bruno”……I was excited when he told me….i had a few friends to go with however it was such a short notice that most of them could not come with and lucky me I had no plans for the day except for the night lol anyways I went to the show with my little sister. We arrived late and only saw the last designers couldn’t even take pics that’s how late and un-organised I was *rollseyes* but fact remains I was there. With that being said here are a few pics I got compliments to  http://accordingtojerri.blogspot.com he took very cool up close pictures. Enjoy!!

P.S: All Photo credit to Jerri Mokgofe of  http://accordingtojerri.blogspot.com

Alexa Liss

The designer: Alexa Liss


                                         Akedo by Eleni Lanbrou


The designer: Eleni Lanbrou

                                                    Hugo Flear


The designer: Hug Flear

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