Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Trend Alert: Sports Luxe

Hey guys, hope yall good, apologies for the lack of outfit posts i know how sucking it is to view your favourite fashion blog only to find out there are no new posts......do forgive me yeah lol do expect an outfit post soon. It’s raining now i like it though its calming the sun and clearing all the pollen causing allergies to us and our lil ones. I do follow trends however I’m not always on point with them or manage to get trendy items on time due to strict budget lol  but fact is I do end up getting em lol that’s what counts right "hahahahah"... What is Sport Luxe, for those of you who don’t know yet this is a trend where women feminise sportswear, what do I mean by that!?! Well let me break it down…… sports luxe is a collab of sport wear clothes, e.g your sport track pants, shorts, dresses, sneakers, tanks, sweaters, caps to name a few, now you can use any of your sportswear items and pair it with your heels, tailored blazers, Pencil skirts, clutch bags, crop tops, fur coats for some etc and throw in a bit of accessories then wala u have your sport luxe outfit (that’s how you create a sports luxe look according to me, remember it’s my opinion ok so don’t judge coz you have your too)
 So i decided to get a lil creative and compile this lil collage here, my next outfit idea will definitely come from this so stay tuned.

Much Love & Thank You

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