Thursday, 28 February 2013

Black Bodycon Dress.....

Im sure most bloggers and other people have that little black bodycon dress in their closet, you know the kind of dress that you can just wear with anything and it looks great "yes i mean that dress lol"......well today was one of those days i wasn't sure what to wear because of the weather so this dress was just starring at me saying please pick me today and well it won lol, so here goes:

Dress- Mr Price
Jacket- Topshop
Shoes- Rage
Jewelary- Mr Price
Rosary- Gift from friend

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Birthday Suit PART 2 / ANNIVERSARY :-)

Hey my guys apologies for the delay of posts lately, i have been extremely exhausted the past few days after my birthday, maybe its the new age kicking in lol. I haven't had time to post anything however im feeling better and im back now. I had a very lovely birthday this year everyone spoiled me and wished me Happy Birthday it was the best by far as i even received birthday wishes from people i never thought they knew me *gigles* And as for my annivesary hubby did his part and left a huge smile on this pretty face for days even today im still thinking about it ........He booked us in at Monte Casino Southern Sun Hotel where we celebrated our anniversary there as i got pampered and showered with so much love and care, gosh i just love my man :-) Anyways here are few of some pics of what went down, we didn't take lots of pics thou, the plan was to enjoy each other lol:

The love of my life :-)

We dined at a french themed resturant called Ponchinellos downstairs inside Southern Sun Hotel, felt like i was dining in Paris :-)

Inside the Hotel.

3Sixty Liquid Lounge by the Casino.

Inside the resturant!!

Their Wine shelf.....


Main Coarse..........we actually had the same thing for main coarse and dessert!!


And last but not least my top favourite BIRTHDAY GIFTS!!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

BirthDay Suit..... PART 1 !!

It's my Birthday today and i turn lovely 26, the day has been great so far, i got a few gifts from work but im most looking forward to going home to see what the family got for me than after that its me and my husband all night long *butterflies* :-)

Skirt-Mr Price
Crop Top- Mr Price
Pumps- Fashion Express
Headband + hand jewellary- Fashion Express
Purse- Vintage

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Animal Print Vest (I am an AFRICAN)

So today is my Birthday Eve as tomorrow i will be turning yet another year, gosh cant believe how time flies (im getting old lol) aaah well its part of life and i am looking forward to it. Hope it becomes special in every way possible, this is what i wore the day i went to get my hair done #Old school African Braids :-)

Skirt- Mr Price
Vest- Mr Price
Sandals- Edgars
Accessory + Bag- Vibes

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It's a Minty Situation.....

It's totally a minty situation this Tuesday, check how i rocked this mint on mint outfit, think i nailed it lol but you be the judge....HAPPY CHOOSEDAY everyone :-)

Skirt- Forever New
Shirt- Mr Price
Neckpiece- Mr Price
Nude Pumps- Fashion Express

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