Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lace on Lace.

Lace on lace, i have to say, i LOOOOOOVEEEEE anything with lace, it just has a way of making one feel so sexy, so when i found this dress i did not even hesitate on buying it i was like hands on right there and then. And gosh do i love it grrrrrrrrr, oh and hubby loves it too hehehehe *wink*

Red Lace Peplum Dress- Chinese Shop
Aztec Neck Piece- Truworths
Black/Gold Heel- Mr Price
Shades- Mr Price
Bangles- Fashion Express


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Polka Dot Skirt .......

Today when i was felling like polka dot, but had no idea what to wear this skirt with at the same time i was avoiding wearing it with a white shirt which will be too common, and then the light bulb went on and bright in my head that i should wear it with my blue sweater. Well i tried it on and walllla this is how it looks :-)
So you guys tell me if you like this outfit with tucked in sweater or not....personally i like it tucked in *wink*


Polka Dot Skirt- Legit Clothing
Blue Sweater- Topshop
Blue heels- Mr Price

Vee :-)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Sequin Skirt with Motif Sweater

Hey people, it's Monday and the weather here in S.A is a bit confusing, cold in the morning and now it's all hot, aaah well that's SA for you. Oh i have to say i'm very proud of our soccer team Bafana Bafana, would like to congratulate them for making it into the quater finals for the African Cup of Nations whoooop whoooooop *high5tothem* Heres me today with my gorg sequin skirt :-)

Sequin Skirt- Fashion Express
Motif Sweater- Mr Price
Silver Heels- Mr Price

Proudly Bafana supporter

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Busy Bee Floral......

It is extremely HOT in S.A now jezzz can't take it anymore, anyhu that's how Africa rolls right!! here i am with my floral dress, it looks like a two piece but it's actually one thing *whispers* don't tell anyone lol.....Enjoy and may everyone have a fabulous weekend :-)

White + Floral dress- PQ Clothing
White Wedges- Mr Price
And my favourite: Love Muri Jewellary

Your one and only

2013 Spring Color Trend, EMERALD GREEN!!

Hey yall, so this year spring color trend is Emerald Green and i just happen to love the tone of this color its just too fresh and gorgeous. It is already been on and maybe still on the runway and international celebs like Beyonce and more are already showcasing it.... even our very own SA designers are on the buzz about this color trend, so im sure soon South African stores will be booming with items of this color, i just cant wait to get my hands on a few dresses and shoes wooop woooop, Hope yall having an awesome day like mwah :-)

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


What can i say, South African stores are buzing with peplum tops right now, so ya here i am with my peplum hehehehe, and yoh its been a long while since i wore these Leopard print heels, think i only wore them once since i bought them hmmmm.......anyways enjoy :-)

Gold peplum- Mr Price
Black pencil skirt- Mr Price
Leaopard print pumps- Mr Price
Star Earing and Gold Bangles- Fashion Express
Yo girl Vee

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Work Hard.... Play Hard!!

Yoh peeps, its one of those hectic days in the office and as you can see below im working hard lol hehehehe, i asked my good friend to take a couple of pics while i was down and busy with work. Please mind the office is a bit of a mess...of which its normally like this because everyone is running up and down with samples all the time. Its fun working with clothes but can be hectic at times, and yes the blog is abt skirts dresses and stilettos however Fridays and weekends i do put on some pants hahahaha...... aaaaah well a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, im done complaining. Enjoy :-)

Lace High Low Button shirt- Mr Price
Drapey pants- Topshop
Silver heels- Mr Price
Love Muri Jewellary (Netherlands)
Bag- Vibes store

Me love ya!!
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