Monday, 22 July 2013

New in my Closet

Hi Guys it's been a while, check out what i bought recently, i was so in love with the wedge sneakers and they seemed to be a bit off my budget (bit expensive for me lol) so i waited 3 months for them to at least be on sale and the wait was definitely worth it as i have now bought them in a much reasonable price, Thanks to Zando online shopping, along with the sneakers i also got some stuff too, lovely springy colourful pumps, a stripe bodycon inspired by the one Khloe Kardashian  wore, and a lovely polka dot crop top. I totally can’t wait to rock these items, come sunshine J

Sneakers- Zando Online
Bodycon- Mr Price
Crop Top- Mr Price
Pumps- Mr Price


  1. Love these sneakers! & what pretty color too! They look like the Isabel maranta celebs wear!! Such a good closet addition:)

  2. Thank you dear, im so glad i finally got them and i strictly wanted them in that color lol :-)


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