Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Inspiration: Winter Checks

Hi yall today we aren’t doing any celeb I said my outfit inspiration can come from anyone it doesn’t matter who, so today I was inspired by these models wearing skirts from ASOS, they gave me an idea on how I can play around with my vintage winter skirt and it worked just fine :-)...On that note hope everyone will have a lovely weekend… as for here in South Africa we will be having a long weekend *yipeeeedancing* because Sunday the 16th is a public holiday (Youth Day) were we are celebrating all the youth that fought  & died for us during the struggle of apartheid.. therefore in South Africa if a public holiday is on a Sunday it automatically falls over into Monday making it a holiday too since Sunday is already in the weekend. So to all my South Africans Happy Youth Day :-)

xoxo Vee

Skirt- Vintage
Peplum- Mr Price
Wedges- Mr Price
Belt- PQ Clothing
Axcent Mens watch
Lanco ladies watch

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