Thursday, 13 June 2013

Foschini Design Awards

Foschini in partner with Cosmopolitan South Africa magazine had a project were 3rd year
and final year students in fashion schools around the country had to enter by submitting their designs. I just loved these students designs so much, they are beautiful, trendy an on point, i had to share this lol.......
The semi-finalists were: Sheila-Madge Bakker, Frances Buchner, Sabrina Linde, Kimberley Lombard, Elaine Nel and Kerri Prins!

The six finalists were selected by the judges, with the public vote counting a percentage of the total. Votes were for their exhibition outfits, inspired by their choice of three time periods (turn-of-the-century baroque, 1920s or 1960s) that reflected their unique design style.
And the winners were these lovely ladies: Sheila-Madge Bakker, Frances Buchner, Sabrina Linder who all studied at FEDISA one of South Africas best Fashion Design School.
I am in love with these womans designs & definately see myself rocking their outfits!!
1. Frances Buchner

Frances Entry Design.

Her collection.
2. Sabrina Linder

Sabrinas Entry Design.

Her collection.
3. Sheila-Madge Bakker

Sheilas Entry design.

Her collection.
To view their exhibition garments and see the finalist's bios, visit
 xoxo Vee


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