Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Feeling Like The MAN!!

Hey yall, its finally August meaning it will be getting warmer soon this side, cannot wait for spring very looking forward to it as i have massive plans. The month of August we celebrate it as Womens Month in South Africa and today i was totally feeling like the man, my work place is so cool because we have no dresscode, you can pretty much wear anything as long as its appropriate and today i felt like bringing some swag to work hahaha. Simple outfit did not even plan it out like i do with others as for the roses sweater thanks to my mom for not throwing everything, she used to rock this sweater back in the days and it still looks as good, i just love the color!! Enjoy.


Leggings- Mr Price
Sweater- Vintage
Heels- Fashion Express
Cap- Little Bros lol

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