Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Hips Shout for COLOR...

Happy New month everyone, 2st of July yipeee, isn’t 2013 just flying? i mean the year is almost over hey, so much for the world ending rumours lol. I am just glad it is getting warmer in South Africa *phweee* almost died from winter. Anyhu as the days are getting warmer my outfit are becoming more interesting and less clothing on *hehehee* and as for today’s outfit my hips were screaming colour and i just couldn’t resist. So here it is, my 1st outfit in July :-) Enjoy.

 I really dont like up close pics of my face lol, but i am getting around it and giving it a try lol.
                                                    Skirt- PQ Clothing
Peplum- Mr Price
Boots- Rage via Zando online
Wedges- Mr Price
Bag- Gift
Shades- Factory

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