Monday, 27 May 2013

Wedding Vibes....

So this Saturday we went to a friend’s wedding in Germiston, wow it was the smallest most intimate and cutest wedding i have ever been to considering how Black South Africans throw a wedding ceremony lol, this was a completely different story and i loved it, i thought it was a brilliant idea of getting married and still be able to have some money left and hey the point is to get married right lol on the other hand i personally do not want a small wedding hehehehehe *blush* but we will see, the budget is the one that makes the decision after all hahahaha. You know one thing i do not like about black people is we criticize a lot, people no longer go to functions/ weddings to enjoy and celebrate however go there to check what’s done right what’s done wrong, even throwing comments like "my wedding will not have this or my wedding will not look like this or this will not happen at my wedding" yeah yeah whatever it is not wedding now is it!?! So sit down and  get over yourself, try to celebrate and have fun with the people getting married. With that being said the wedding was simply beautiful except that we ate very late to a point where the camera was far away from me "that’s how hungry i was" couldn’t take pics the food was delicious and healthy, not to mention the dessert hmmmmmmmmmm yum yum. Congratulations to my friend/sister she has paved a way for us who are following and she deserves all the happiness in the world, i pray they take good care of each other :-)

xoxo Much Love

The beautiful bride is also pregnant and i think she looked hot for a pregnant lady, excuses the pic quality.


I loved the brides shoe, it was so cute.

Some Guests.

Thats Vanessa in the middle and her cousins.

My family...

The Love of my life and me.

And this is what i wore.

Fooling around with hubby taking pics.
Vanessa was very moody, all she wanted was for daddy to pick her up.

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