Monday, 20 May 2013

Life in a Blurry Vision.

This weekend was definitely not my best at all, let’s just say i went through some rough patch that ‘ well probably most women go through’ but i am not most women and will not stand any hic ups in my life period. With that being said life is truly a journey were we discover ourselves and learn more about  others as we grow and the best way to enjoy it is face it and move on, just make sure never to take the same route that led you to the rough patch in the beginning, don’t waste your time on things you can never change. Nevertheless i am glad it is Monday new day new life experiences and i was sure feeling good today. How do yall like my outfit!?!

xoxo Vee


Leggings- Mr Price
Boots- Edgars
Sweater- Foschini
Fedora- JHB Market
Handbag- from Holland
Lanco watch- Gift from hubby
Bangle- Foshion Express

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