Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Friday Inspiration: Soraya's Striped Skirt

Hey yall, i have found more stuff from my moms closet, its so cool to see how this woman used to rock. And can you believe how fashion never ends and always repeats itself, i mean everything mom had are stuff that are sooo in right now. Big ups to my mom........anyways check out how myself and UK Blogger Soraya De Carvalho wore this skirt, sooo chic. You can check out Sorayas blog here    shes totally my inspiration.

While most people would go for the basic matching tops for these skirts like Black for Sorayas and white, Navy blue for my skirt.... we both decided to take a bold step and play with colors that most people would not easily match with, and i must say it worked out pretty well.

Skirt- Vintage (Moms closet)
Shoes- Fashion Express
Shades- Factorie
Hand Jewellary- Fashion Express
Sequin Top- Mr Price
Bag- Woolworths Clothing

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