Monday, 22 April 2013

Do you dress up for your body shape !?!

Now I’m no expect on this however i have noticed that a lot of people do not know how to dress up for their bodies, and i was a victim too and maybe sometimes still am lol. On this post i wanted to share with you guys different body shapes and how to dress up in a complimentary way to your body, as you will see i have collected a few celebs that have different body shapes to inspire myself as well as you my readers on how you can play around outfits for your body shape. I hope this become helpful and fun. Discover what looks good on you :-)


Kim has an Hourglass body shape, the kind of shape i wish i had lol. People with this shape have full curves, nice big butt, and boobs. They look good in almost anything especially outfits that highlights their waist area and curves.

Now Mrs Carter Knowles has a Pear body shape which i think is the same shape of my body. Now most of us have small waist area with small chest and boobs and we look great in outfits that highlights our waist area too, we look fab in low cut jeans and high waist skirts *hehehehe*

Mary J has what i would personally call a straight/curvicious body shape because shes not entirely straight as you can see she has some curves and butt too. People with this shape can wear mostly pants that are not too low cut, im not too sure about skirts thou however jeans and mostly shorts look great on this shape.

And Miss Latifa here has what they call an Apple body shape, a bit big on top and slightly small below, as you an see she knows how to work it for her body, she avoids wearing too tight outfits alone however she pairs them up with a loose top, jacket or coat which works out great as she look fab.

And there's our girl Rihanna, now she has a fab body too which they call Triangular body shape, even thou she has curves they are not outstanding alone her body is small on the top and big on the bottom and looks fab in high waist outfits and shorts *grrrrrrrrrr*

Keira here has a simply straight body, very toned up however a bit skinny for my liking (it suits her thou)
with this body you can get away with a lot, actually you can get away with almost any outfit. Sorry i do not have much to say on this one lol :-)

And last but not least we have our big girls rocks, now these are woman with a little bit more than others, most people would call them fat but i call them just big. Big girls can look too fab if they dress right, depending on your body they can dress up just like all of us just only in a bigger size, take Adele for example doesint she look gorg in those dress she wears. I think she looks adorable, the point is not to go the whole tight outfits route cause that does not work really well with this shape. Keep it big, nice andsimply fab.

Thanks for reading :-)

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