Thursday, 17 January 2013

LIP Embellished Dress with Red hot boots!!

Hey yall today was a little bit chilly in jorbug even thou its still summertime, im sure the weather was just calming down the heat that has been cooking us the past months, anywhoooo i decided to wear my lovely lips dress (i was giving away kisses to everyone i smile @ hehehhe kidding) with my red/burgundy whatever color you wana call them boots and the lovely red heart belt grrrrrrrr putting some blood on the look hahaha.......yall let me know if this look is a hell ya or hell nah!!

Lips Dress- Mr Price
Burgandy Gold Chain Boots- Mr Price
Earings- Mr Price
Hand Jewellary- Sass Diva
Red Belt- Truworths

Vee got much love for yall, Mwaaaah!!

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